StudyTrondheim is a collaboration between the students, educational institutions, Sit, Trondheim municipality, Trondheim City Council, and the business community, with an aim of making Trondheim an even better city for students. 

The corporations' vision is to make Trondheim the best city for students in the Nordic region.

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The collaboration is working to better the cooperation between its participants, and to create structural permanent changes that will develop Trondheim as a student city. The collaboration is also a facilitator for knowledge and idea development.

Through this collaboration, the participants wish to work for safer and more economical student housing, improved student health, better framework conditions for student volunteers and international students, a more vibrant and attractive city campus, as well as a closer link between the students and the region’s work and business community.


Ann Marit Longva
+47 918 23 967

Project Leader

Siri Bjaarstad
+47 959 29 069

Coordinator Sit

Maren Kronlund
+47 469 68 063

Coordinator VT

Michael Li Stene
+47 950 22 146

Project summerjobs

Better connection between students and the region's work and business - more attractive study city, even in the summer!   

The vast majority of students need to work in the summer and want to get a summer job from early in the study that can provide relevant work experience. At the same time, summer jobs are a great way for businesses to get in touch with students. A summer job can lead to part-time work, task collaboration and is a good starting point for gaining new skills. In order to increase the amount of relevant summer jobs, the region is therefore invited through this project for a felles dugnad.  

Career days have been conducted with special focus on summer jobs, breakfast meetings, advertisements and media articles. A collaboration has also been established with the to connect the educational institutions' career portals.

Other activities

Roof over your head

In order to welcome students who have not managed to find accommodation at the start of their studies, Trondheim guarantees “Tak Over Hodet”. This is a collaboration with Scandic Lerkendal where students can stay for a cheap fee until they have found more permanent accommodation.

Info night

The network focuses on inclusion and organizes Info Night twice a year. Here, international students are joined by the fantastic student volunteerism, which has great honor that Trondheim is a truly unique student city.

Student inclusion award

This is an award given by the students in the volunteer group. Here, good examples of inclusion are highlighted. The prize is NOK 20,000, which is earmarked for inclusive measures.
Previous winners are Studenterhytta and the line association Delta.

Student night bus

For many years, it has been a desire of the students to get a night bus service during the weekdays during fadderperioden. This was tested out by StudyTrondheim in 2019, with great success and became a permanent offer for students to come home safely during fadderuka. The measure is in cooperation with Faddervaktordningen.


Studentfrivillighetsgruppa is a network group for student volunteers in Trondheim. Here, important topics and common issues that the students want to focus on are highlighted. The group, together with the steering group in StudyTrondheim, decides what the network should work with.
The Student Volunteer Group can also raise important issues for the students to the steering group where all the major players in the study city sit.

Communication and knowledge

StudyTrondheim operates Here is the target group of potential and new students who want a general intro to what Trondheim has to offer. The network has also made great promotional videos that are shared with anyone who wants to showcase the study city. The network contributes to knowledge of what is a good study city. For example, the report Nordic study cities will publish with SSB in the autumn of 2020.