Art at Tiller Øst

Artists: Vigdis Haugtrø. Title: ‘Grønn sofa’ 2016
Annika Oskarsson, Thomas Nordström. Title: ‘Kontinuum’ 2016
Mattias Härenstam. Title: ‘Pilgrim’ 2016.
Art consultants: Helen Eriksen, Kristina C. Karlsen.

Tiller Øst is a large new residential area, with a park and a network of pedestrian paths incorporated into the urban landscape. The park is inviting people to use it actively, with its green lawns, play apparatuses and modern gym equipment. The public outdoor spaces surrounding this green lung also offers room for rest, which you can do in Vigdis Haugtrø’s “green sofa”, a circular bench placed in a sheltered spot under pines, a stone wall and a tall column next to a pathway south of the park. The wall has a built-in baker’s oven, which will be kept warm by the children in the new kindergarten next door on a daily basis. Anyone can come here and bake their own bread or other bakery products!

A watchtower stands tall over the path (ski trail) going eastwards out from the park. Its design and construction is a collaboration between Swedish artists Annika Oskarsson and Thomas Nordström. The tower rises like a big oak tree among the surrounding vegetation, opening up at the top like a voluptuous tree crown with sweeping lines. The organic shape conceals a stairway up to a platform inside the “crown”, 8.5 metres above ground and with undisturbed views of the tranquil landscape. After dark, lighting transforms the structure into a “lighthouse”. Thus, ‘Kontinuum’ is an eye-catcher as well as a viewpoint.

There is a large contrast from the two aforementioned artworks to the third Swedish art contribution to Tiller Øst, by Mattias Härenstam. He has made a naturalistic bronze sculpture, ‘Pilgrim’. It stands along a pedestrian path north of the park, and depicts a young woman with a suitcase on wheels, her eyes firmly fixed on the destination towards which she is moving. Like the medieval pilgrims, she is heading towards town, but her clothes and accessories are contemporary. The motif, however, can still be seen as timeless and eternal. The mundane, trivial and common are pitted against another dimension of existence: a spiritual yearning, wonderment and faith. In these circumstances, it is befitting to point out that we all have a searching pilgrim inside of us, no matter how modern we may be. Tiller Church lies towards the east, The Bridgettine Convent to the west, and Nidaros Cathedral is just visible in the north – at least if making use of the watchtower.




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Text descriptions of art made before the year 2000 are taken from the book 'Skulpturguiden for Trondheim' by Anne Grønli and Grethe Britt Fredriksen. Text descriptions of art made after the year 2000 are written by Per Christiansen.