Art at Verftsparken

Arena for temporary projects intersecting technology, art and social debates.Technical Director and Project Leader: Andrew Perkis/Ulrika Wallin

The technological Verftsparken is a collaboration between landowner Trondheim municipality, NTNU and regional newspaper Adresseavisen. A programming team at NTNU are responsible for the technical development of the park. The park is an outdoor laboratory for social debate and communication of knowledge through an interaction of art, media and technology. The aim is for the park to be a digital arena for the three collaborators, in which experiments with innovative means of expression and digital forms of narrative will be conducted. The park is a place for play, experience and recreation, but also offers learning and knowledge. Part of the close surroundings, press photographs on the large wall of the Adresseavisa building are part of the immersive experience. A variety of user groups will make use of the park and its technological facilities in due course, e.g. the Meta.Morf Biennale for Art and Technology in the spring of 2016.
The inauguration of the park in September 2015 featured the unveiling of a light/video/sound installation by Wendy Ann Mansilla, ‘Synapses Expansion’, which will remain a permanent fixture until 2018. Using strips of LED lights, speech and audiovisual projections, the installation transformed the park into a model of the human brain connecting thoughts to create a continuous narrative of audiovisual information. Visitors to the park contributed to the art installation’s activity by movement, triggering sensors connected to the technological infrastructure.


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Text descriptions of art made before the year 2000 are taken from the book 'Skulpturguiden for Trondheim' by Anne Grønli and Grethe Britt Fredriksen. Text descriptions of art made after the year 2000 are written by Per Christiansen.