Art in Blomsterbyen Kindergarten

‘Snabel og Fabel’. Artist: Vigdis Dagsdatter Øien 2007. Art consultant: Ingun Myrstad.

The basis for Vigdis Dagsdatter Øien’s art is that both children and kindergarten staff want art that can be used in a physical as well as a mental sense. Blomsterbyen kindergarten obtained two fabulous animals that satisfy most needs. The pink, bending sculptures made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester are easy to sit on and climb on, or can be used as a tunnel, in addition to challenging thoughts and imagination. The  sculptures resemble worms boring into the ground, or a trunk, although the remaining part of the ‘elephant’ is nowhere to be seen – perhaps it is in the ‘forest’ of 20 aspen tree trunks, painted in yellow, red and orange, that surrounds the fabulous animals. The kindergarten wanted this to be an illuminated work of art – and that wish was granted. The installation called ’Fabel og Snabel’ shines from afar when it is dark.


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Text descriptions of art made before the year 2000 are taken from the book 'Skulpturguiden for Trondheim' by Anne Grønli and Grethe Britt Fredriksen. Text descriptions of art made after the year 2000 are written by Per Christiansen.