Cafe and nightlife

When it comes to cafés and nightlife, Trondheim offers the full range.

Take a stroll along Bakklandet to discover several cozy cafes during the day. There are also several cozy night spots for those who would rather sit down and talk with friends both at Bakklandet and Solsiden.

For those who want big dance floors - Midtbyen can offer several different places with a short distance between each place. It's not hard to find a place where a whole group of friends will thrive! Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem offers everything from a dance floor and cocktail bar to a football club and restaurant.

Tip! There are several student discounts at several cafes and night spots, here is a small list:

SOT burger and bar - 10%

Sushi Bar - 20%

24-hour burger - 10%

Peppes Pizza - 20%

Olivia Solsiden - 20%

Dromedar Coffee Shop - 10%


There are also several places that have student-friendly prices!