Health and wellbeing


Primary care doctor:

When moving to a new city it is important to remember to update your primary care doctor to one in your area. You can do this on Minhelse. You may want to do this before moving to the city as your Primary care doctor will change at the end of the month.

Students who haven’t changed their primary care doctor:

Students who don’t have a primary care doctor in the area can if need be contact Øya Legesenter. They welcome students who do not have a primary care doctor in the city.

Doctors always prioritize their own list of patients first. Situations can occur in which the doctors do not have free emergency hours because they have already filled up their schedule with their registered patients.

Dental health:

You can use any dentist you want. Sit can help you as a student get the lowest price possible.

School nurse:

Sit has its own school nurses on most Campuses for when you need someone to talk to. Talk to your health nurse about stress, self-image, loneliness, diet, sexuality, drugs - or anything else you need to get off your chest.


Sit offers, among other things, mastery courses that provide an easier school day. With a little help you can learn how to cope with everything from scheduling to depression. In addition, they also offer association courses for volunteers with everything from presentation techniques to stress management.


Sit offers short-term, low-threshold conversation therapy in light of mental illness. You need no referral from a doctor. If you have severe mental illnesses and / or have previously been treated, it is recommended that you contact your primary care doctor for assessment of referral to a specialist health service.