Kjerringsnippen is an overhanging cliff at Byneset (near Spongdal). The name means "the crone's tip", and word has it that an old crone was sitting on this mountain tip knitting. She lost her ball of yarn outside the cliff tip, but decided to sit there until all yarn was knitted up. This incident has supposedly given name to the place. The cliff tilts a few degrees downwards to the front, and is no good place for balancing. The approximate surroundings are also not safe for children. Access via Grostadvegen. Keep left, and follow northbound trail after the last farm building in the hill. Just a few places to park, but even if you walk from Ringvålvegen, it will take you less than half an hour to reach Kjerringsnippen. There are no signs along the road and trail, and heavy vegetation, so you have to search for the cliff the last couple of hundred meters. If you walk to far, you will notice that the terrain descends again.