Tips for students

  • There are private apartments throughout Trondheim. Websites like and can be used to find apartments. Prices and sizes
  • The student housing at Sit can be found all over the city, both in the middle of the city center
  • Singsaker student residence: Singsaker Student House is centrally located in Singsaker, only five minutes from the Gløshaugen campus. The house
  • You may want to think through some of the legal issues before moving into a new apartment. Here we have
  • Student Budget It’s all about surviving as a student! This is a monthly budget for the average student. Student Loans
  • Primary care doctor: When moving to a new city it is important to remember to update your primary care doctor
  • TEMPORARY HOUSING FOR STUDENTS IN TRONDHEIM Roof Over The Head is an offer under the auspices of StudyTrondheim that offers