Vassfjellet is a 710 metres tall landmark south of Trondheim. The mountain top has a characteristic antenna on top (220 metres high). There is a 6 kilometres long maintenance road (Vassfjellvegen) that goes from Kvål to Vassfjellet, which can be used by pedestrians and cyclists (not cars). On the top, there is a great view in all directions. There are also trails up to Vassfjellet from other starting points around the mountain, Løvset in Melhus, Skjøla in Trondheim, Tanem and the alpine centre in Klæbu. The terrain along the hill side trails is partly swampish. The mountain top defines the municipal borders of Melhus and Klæbu. The tallest point and the technical installations on the mountain top belong to Melhus. In the cold season, be aware of the hazard that ice may fall down from the antenna and the wires holding it to the ground.